Monday, 3 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day Greetings In Georgian

:Here fetch these best Happy Valentines Day Greetings In Georgian which can be used on this year's Valentines special allotted moment.It is very hard for all of the people to find some fine and quality Georgian Valentines Day Greetings on the internet.So here we are to help you with all the fresh and newest wishes in Georgian Language.We know that you are excited for your loved ones whom you care and feel so much for.

It is on 14th of February that we celebrates the Valentines Day and on that time we will need all the brand new Valentines Day Greetings In Georgian to surprise and satisfy our valentine who will be expecting warm wishes and pure love from our side but, you need not worry even a little as all new Valentines Day Wishess In Georgian are arranged here in a bullet list especially for all the people from and speaks and understands Georgian.Read ahead for getting them in a glance.

2014 Happy Valentines Day Wallpapers

Happy Valentines Day Wishes In Georgian

Here you will be provided what exactly you are looking and browsing for, the Georgian Valentines Day Greetings which are also applicable for latest social media websites and networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, Skype, Viber, Orkut etc and you can use them free of royalty.

  • ch’emi siqvaruli ................
    me qovelt’vis ik’neba ik’ ,
    da es Valentine
    me gpirdebit’, rom
    me qovelt’vis ik’neba Shoulder
    t’k’ven Lean On .
    Happy Valentines Day 2k !

  • t’u amboben, rom airch’ie, me vikit’khav, rogor maghali,
    t’u amboben, rom me banaoba, me vikit’khav, rogor Deep.
    t’u amboben, rom perspek’tivashi, me vhkit’kho mandzili,
    magram t’u amboben, tsadi, minda vt’k’va, ar arsebobs gza .
    imitom, rom t’k’ven My Boo .
    Happy Valentine ch’emi siqvaruli ! 
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  • t’k’ven moshushebisa My Hand mt’eli Tough dro
    ch’emi siqvaruli ...
    me ver gaaket’a es
    Without You madloba,
    mt’eli gulit’ !
    Happy valentinobis dghisadmi dzvirp’aso ... !
  • sheni khma aris Melody Of Angels.
    t’k’veni sunt’k’va,
    Scent Of Roses.
    sheni t’valebi ,
    Jewels up’ro dzvirp’asi, vidre Diamonds

  •  t’k’ven khart’ unikaluri
    t’k’ven zrunva da
    t’k’ven khart’ sauket’eso .
    da me var ighbliani , rom t’k’ven ch’ems ts’khovrebashi!
    Happy valentinobis dghisadmi ch’emi tkbili guli!
  • qovel jerze me shegkhvdebit’ My Valentine ,
    I Feel raghats’ p’leimis In My Heart.
    siqvaruli , rom me t’k’ven ,
    veravin t’avsatekhi It Out.
    I Love You So Much
    rom vgrdznob, rogorits’aa
    arsebobs Inferno In My Chest .

Valentines Day Greetings In Georgian

 So all these were our grand best collection of Happy Valentines Day Greetings In Georgian for you, if you found them worth using and utilizing go ahead.And we had put real efforts in finding the best of Georgian Valentines Day Greetings do share them with your valentine and friends and keep visiting us for all new updates on Valentines Day.