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Happy Kiss Day 2016 SMS, Texts, Sayings

Searching for some Kiss Day Messages For 2016 ? now you have time to take rest as all such texts or the Happy Kiss Day 2016 SMS are included here on the public request from all regions to celebrate the day pf love and care with their lover whom they have a relationship.yes this is the perfect time to add more strength and depth bond to your relation with him or her and i am recommending this post for all those well wishers who wanna have a pleasant future.

Have you ever thought of the first kiss that you passed on to their sweat face, hmm how could you forget that right.I know that was a really special moment from your entire life.Anyway in the Valetine week list the day for kiss is the thirteenth day of the month of February and make it grand with these coolest 2016 Kiss Day Texts which are all enough to satisfy you guys and your respective ladies or gents.

Happy Kiss Day 2016 SMS

Kiss Day 2015 Quotes

Impressing a person you love the most is not a very difficult task, but to get a surprising look at their face is little hard, lets chance the facts with these Kiss Day SMS For 2016 and keep smiling while they gets to read it.

  • A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop the speech when words become superfluous
    When U Kiss me
    Without Uttering even a single word
    U speak directly to my soul .

  • Kiss on ma Cheek baby
    Life is nothing without LOVE,
    Love is emotion  but  Kiss is practical,
    So don’t get emotional and  just be practical
    So  STOP loving & START Kissing.

  • Sweetest kiss – On  forehead,
    Loveliest kiss – On  cheeks,
    Romantic kiss – On  lips &
    The hottest kiss is on……..


    .On a bikes silencer! lol

  • Proposing u was my desire
    having u is my jackpot
    loving u is my attitude
    pleasing u is my duty
    missing u is my habit
    kissing u is always my wish

  • if i could bring back memories
    i would bring the first day i kissed
    you i look you in the eyes and felt love.
    Thanks god an angel came into my life.
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  • U r sweeter than honey. purer than milk.
    softer than flower. since i have u as my lover,
    come to me near, i'll kiss ur lips without fear.
    u'll say, having u is treasure & be wit me for ever.

  • 4-lips…
    ½ of love..
    My mouth does nothing,
    But long to kiss….
    I just Love Kissing..

Kiss Day 2016 Sayings

Oh yeah in the above section you have plenty of stuff to give you a really great step ahead to get a nice lips touch on ya face.Ha ha use them and thank me later for blessing you with these touching Happy Kiss Day 2016 SMS and share them on all social media places and forward to your friends to help them too and all the best for the upcoming days.