Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy Valentines Day 2015 SMS, Messages, Texts

All new Valentines Day 2015 Messages for this year are assembled in this article.Now its upon you to select Happy Valentines Day 2015 SMS that are given in this page, which are the most wanted ones in this holiday season.Yes love is in the air and we could feel it as we move more closer and closer to month of February and the Day 14th when we observe worldwide as the Saint Valentine's day a time which is so special for all those who have love for dear ones.

Almost everyone will have a girlfriend or boyfriend and it is a must to greet him or her when it comes to this special time, as they will be expecting to get attention from you and little special care and affection.So surprise your special person with some hearty Messages For Valentines Day 2015 which are crafted mainly for this purpose and to make both you and your partner happy.So lead ahead and enjoy and grab all you need from us.

Happy Valentines Day 2015 SMS

Valentines Day 2015 SMS Messages

All of the text messages that we provide are not limited because you could also forward them to your relatives and parents and siblings because Valentines Day 2015 Text Messages are not just a time for couples but for all those whom you care deeply from your heart.

  • Once upon a time
    in ages past
    you had a heart
    you thought would last,
    But then it faded
    and now you’re free
    and I hope
    it’s you and me.

  • A valentine
    from years gone by
    reminders from
    a bygone time,
    But on this day
    I bid to you
    sweet valentine.

  • Relationship is a Bond,
    that holds us together,
    till our destiny departs
    us from this world forever,
    only if we keep loving
    and understanding each other,
    so lets stay away from Egos
    and keep loving each other till infinity.

  • I still remember one fine day,
    when i saw you for the first time
    in my life.Wow i have goosebumps
    right now when i keep thinking
    about that best moment of ma
    entire life.Oh ma dear i wanna
    stay close to you for ever.
    love you lots.

  • No matter how busy we are,
    in this generation of heavy works
    and computers.We are made for each other
    and are to be like romeo and juliet
    now and for all of our life span
    Happy Valentines my dear.

  • If you were my valentine
    I’d find the softest rose
    to gently brush against
    those sweetest lips,
    The angels chose
    my heart is like a flower
    craving for your morning kiss
    mere words cannot pay homage
    to a passion such as this..

  • Saying I love you
    is something that one couldn't forget
    I always have this adrenaline rush
    when i have you on my mind
    yes baby you are my soul mate.
    Stay calm and happy.

Valentines Day 2015 SMS Texts

 Okay now choose from them after analyzing them as they are totally different and each one have their own taste and likes.So do according to your mind, and i had shared the perfect collections of Happy Valentines Day 2015 SMS specially for all my dearest viewers and followers and write to me for any additions and special ideas.