Tuesday, 20 January 2015

50+ Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Him

Most appealing Valentines Day Greetings For Him specially dedicated for all women out there.All trending Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Him that will impress your lover and suitable for anytime in this season that is rich and colored with pure and true love.Yes its only a couple of days left for the main event for us which is observed everywhere on February month's fourteenth day and lets prepare our self with some stuff like this which is compulsory to impress a man.

Since a long time in my inbox i have been seeing some requests for this, and i gathered my team and asked them to make something special for my viewers and that's how all these came into reality and happened.We always have a thought that only girls need to get attention and guys won't care about the mentions, but that is absolutely wrong as you will get to know when you deliver these Happy Valentines Day Greetings For Him in the upcoming day.

Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Him

Valentines Day Wishes For Him Her

So its time to write down or instant take away of what i have for ya.They could be even used in hand written love letters and in the greeting cards that you send.In the emails that you drop in his inbox or via texts that are used to flirt.

  • Thinking of you
    Dreaming of you
    Hugging memories
    Missing you badly
    I love you mwah <3.

  • We began as strangers
    We became friends
    We became one with each other
    We remain as one forever.
    We are two parts of a loving whole
    Two hearts and a single soul.

  • Love Is like playing a piano
    First you must learn to play the rule,
    Then you must forget the rules and
    play from your own heart beats.

  • Its very tough to believe a stranger
    But If someone loves you more than fish loves water
    Holds your hand tight with tears in eyes and says
    The moment I saw you,I fell in love with you.
    I cant live without you and want to
    Spend the rest of my life with you.

  • Our love is like a lovely bridge
    Between your heart and mine
    A bridge we have built down through the years
    Just to our own design
    It is intact like the great wall of china.
                   Happy Valentines Day Whatsapp Wishes
  • All the love that history knows
    Is said to be In every rose
    Yet all that could be found in two
    Is less than what I feel for you
    miss you my dear.

    • Oh my dear sweetheart i cant live
      a single day without your presence
      You are the only thing that entertains me
      I can't imagine about a life without ya.
      So be with me forever, never ever go 
      away from me hold me tight.

    • I had a heart n that was true,
      But now it has
      gone from me to u,
      So take care of it just like i did,
      Because i have no
      heart while u have two.
    • It doesn't matter how long away you are,
      You have a place in my heart,
      My first preference is always you
      it was so and it will always be so,
      greetings for this awesome day my dear
      let every day be filled with love for us.

      Valentines Day Wishes For Him

      So dear ladies i had shared with you some words which are stronger than pictures, lines that could make his heart beat more stronger and harder for you.So take these Happy Valentines Day Images and thank me later if these Happy Valentines Day Wishes For Him were success for ya.And let your other buds to know about this page so they could also be cool and awesome this year.